Designs of the Times combines and contrasts influences from man made and natural sources to create pieces that are truly unique.


Each piece is individually made by hand and produced using casting techniques that I have developed specifically to ensure individuality no two pieces are ever quite the same.


The majority of my work is produced in Pewter and I have chosen this material for several reasons. Firstly it is a pleasure to work with being soft and malleable, it casts well, it has a colour that I actually find more attractive than Silver and it also gives a great finish whether toolmarked, tarnished or highly polished.

only use new Pewter to ensure that it is lead free. Periodic cleaning can be done simply using warm soapy water as required and as the pieces are made from solid Pewter there is no coating to wear away unlike plated jewellery. 


The majority of my work is produced on a small batch basis and with small stock levels as this allows me to regularly introduce new products and designs and also makes the pieces more exclusive.


Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something of interest on this site and keep checking the facebook page as this is regularly updated with new development and products.



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Upcoming Events

17/18th June

Foxton Locks Folk Festival


26/27/28th August

Englands Medieval Festival


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